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Ricoma Ricoma EM 1010  .. Product #: RCEM1010 Regular price: $14,999.00 $14,999.00
Brand: Ricoma

$11,990.00  $14,999.00


Designed for embroidery beginners, veterans, hobbyists, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs, EM-1010 has all the features to meet your embroidery needs.
The embroidery opportunities are endless with RiCOMAs EM-1010. Let your imagination run wild. The sky is the limit! Below are some example items that EM-1010 can accomplish embroidery on.
• Caps • Laptop Cases • Wristbands • Pillow Cases
• Robes • Sports Uniforms • Seat Covers • Scrubs
• Backpacks • Headbands • Baby Bibs • Jackets
• Sweat Suits • Dog Collars • Dance Wear • Towels
• Visors • Childrens Clothing • Golf Shirts • Bags
• Pet Apparel • Work Uniforms • Leather Products • Pants

Main Features

Single head machine with 10 needles to meet all of your embroidery needs
• Sleek and stylish design with 7 HD true color LCD touch screen
• User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand icons and operation
• Multiple languages available, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Thai, Arabic, etc.
• Servo motor enables machine to be more durable and reliable
• Patented intelligent thread break detection system
• Linear guide rail makes machine more reliable
• Low power consumption at 80W
• Automatic color change
• Automatic thread trimming
• Single button with different color display for START and STOP
• On-board lettering
• One-step appliqué
• One-step tracing
• Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST and DSB
• Dual CPUs enable design input/output while machine is in operation
• Pre-set hoops to avoid hitting hoop frames
• Position of design within hoop is displayed on screen while in operation
• Design automatically rotates 180° when switching from cap to flat (or vice versa) embroidery mode
• Recessed USB port to better protect USB flash drive
• Automatic data restoration when machine is powered off and later powered back on
• While working, the embroidered part will be displayed in color with the unfinished parts in shadows
• Digital ON / OFF switch for built-in LED light
• Screensavers available
• Ethernet or wireless connection makes it easy for design management on PC
• Network capability
• Environmentally-friendly heavy duty carton package

other Features

7 inch high definition, true colour monitor
On-board lettering allows users to create personalisation directly on the control panel, with 5 built in fonts.
Designed to avoid hitting hoop frames, the control panel displays preset hoop parameters.
With one-step appliqué you can easily create appliqué with the touch of a button.
One-step tracing – access the machine's tracing feature without sorting through menus.
20 million stitches or 200 designs memory
USB design transfer
Maximum embroidery area of 310 by 210 mm or 12 by 8 inches
10 needles

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